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Pre Waxing - Eco Pack Wet Wipes


Pre Waxing - Eco Pack Wet Wipes

We recommend Australian Bodycare antiseptic Tea Tree Oil Wipes to cleanse the skin before treatment. One fresh wipe for each client ... the first step to a safe and clean treatment plan!


Eco Style pack contains 72 wet wipes per pack


Our wipes have been used by professional therapists for many years as a perfect way to prepare the skin for waxing and other salon treatments.


We’ve removed the Parabens and perfume and reduced the price so that you can continue to use the wipes safe in the knowledge that skin will be hygienically cleansed ready for treatment.

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Additional Info


 New Style Wipes

  • made in the UK
  • new Eco Style Packing
  • 72 wipes per pack
  • Easier storage
  • Cheaper price