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Hot Wax Accessories - Spatulas & Foils

Hot Wax Narrow Spatulas (pack 200) /Hot Wax Narrow Spatulas (pack 100)

Hot Wax Accessories - Spatulas & Foils

Narrow wooden spatulas ideal for smaller areas such as eyebrows and bikini lines.

Foil inserts to melt measured quantities of wax for each treatment.

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 Hy-Wax - hot wax system

Hygienic – disposable – single use - the ideal system for facial and bikini line waxing:
This neat, easy to use compact unit has been designed specifically for facial and bikini line waxing, especially
Brazilian and Hollywood where hygiene is paramount due to the risk of contamination from blood spotting.
The unit has many advantages

• Each client has their own wax heated in a disposable
foil insert thus eliminating the risk of cross infection.

• At the end of the treatment the spatula,
used wax and insert are disposed of.

• High quality hot wax pellets - are fast melting, easy to apply and effectively remove hair leaving the skin clean and smooth.

• Narrow spatulas for precision eyebrow waxing and for accurate directional hair removal in “harder to reach” bikini areas.

• Thermostatically controlled heater.

• Wax is ready to use within minutes and the insert can be topped up with pellets during treatment.