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Creme Wax - Hy Wax Tubes

Box (20 x 75g) Tubes

Creme Wax - Hy Wax Tubes

For use with the Hy-Wax system:

 Crème Wax is produced to a high standard using superior quality ingredients

  • Comes with our unique and original dispenser design that prevents the wax from flowing

    back into the tube so reducing the risk of cross contamination. 
  • A new, sterile dispenser for each clien
  • Soft and non-sticky
  • Thin application for easy removal
  • Antiseptic properties to promote skin healing (Tea Tree Oil)

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Why Choose Australian Bodycare
• In an industry of constant changes and advancing knowledge it is imperative
to give your clients the most convenient, effective and safest method of waxing.
Australian Bodycare offers all this and much more.
• Because of our unique and original dispenser design we are confidently
able to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
• The Hy-Wax system is an easy method to adapt to for both experienced and new therapists.
• The system allows for wax to always be applied thinly which
lessens “pain” and is kinder to the skin.
• The wax is kept at a constant working temperature.
• Our high quality wax ensures complete satisfaction with every treatment.
• Each dispenser comes individually wrapped so every client is assured of their own hygienic applicator.
• A comprehensive training manual and DVD are available for all Australian Bodycare accounts.