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After Wax Lotion 1000ml


After Wax Lotion 1000ml
Australian Bodycare’s Hero Hand & Body Lotion has been reformulated and renamed.
Now known as After Wax Lotion, this classic product offers an intensive soothing, moisturising and cooling effect after any wax treatment.
Now paraben free, but still packed with Tea Tree Oil to help reduce ingrown hairs and prevent bacteria forming in the pores, it’s also rich in emollients such as gylcerin and coconut oil.
Used and trusted for over 20 years by therapists who understand and encourage skin hygiene after waxing.
More absorbent, cooling and moisturising than ever, from Australian Bodycare - the pioneers of Tea Tree Oil-based products in the UK.

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Salon use: Aftercare, post waxing, hand/foot massage during manicure/pedicure

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