Australian Bodycare Pure Tea Tree Oil 30ml

Australian Bodycare Pure Tea Tree Oil 30ml

Product Details

100% Australian Tea Tree Oil 30ml, pure antiseptic Tea Tree Oil is a complex mixture of 150 different natural components. There are approximately 110 different Tea Tree species, but it is only the Melaleuca alternifolia tree that contains the exact combination of natural elements that are so skin friendly.

Use undiluted for: cuts, warts, verruca, insect bites, spots, problem skin and minor irritations.
Dilute for: athletes foot, burns, foot odour, nail problems, bathing and massage.

Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial product. It kills bad bacteria and germs without damaging healthy skin tissue. pure australian tea tree oil 100% natural and antibacterial, which is derived from Australian tea trees, has been known and used by Australian aboriginals for a thousand years due to the oil’s healing and protective effect on the skin. The antibacterial effect has helped many people around the world protect their skin from bacteria and skin problems.

Use directly on affected area for abrasions, Athletes foot, cuts, ingrown hairs, mouth ulcers, nail fungus, pimples, spots.

Can also be used diluted: 1 part Tea Tree Oil to 10 parts distilled water or vegetable oil for breath freshener, minor burns, tooth ache (apply with a clean cotton bud).

You can use the oil in several ways - 

Add a few drops of the pure oil to your foot-bath or bathtub
It adds a freshness to the water and helps to cleanse the skin in depth.

- Dilute the product with a vegetable oil of a high, food grade quality 
We suggest mixing the oil with a good almond oil. It is recommended that you mix tea tree oil -1 part oil with 10 parts carrier. 

- Use the oil to relieve skin irritations
You can gently apply the pure oil with a cotton swab directly on the pimple or insect bite to relieve itching and irritation and counteract bacteria on the skin.


Melaleuca alternifolia, Limonene, Linalool.