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Hy-Wax Heater


  • Hy-Wax system introduces its new revolutionary heater.
  • With easy to use digital heating technology your wax is ready to use in less time and maintains the correct temperature ensuring easy application.
  • The heater can also be set at a temperature that suits your client or your working environment.
  • With removable aluminium buckets cleaning is easy and also allows the heater to be used with traditional jar wax or hot wax pellets.
  • However, we strongly advocate using the heater with our unique and original wax tubes & dispensing head.
  • The wax is applied thinly and evenly over the skin ensuring every hair is covered but not overly saturated.

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Additional Info

Undoubtedly the most successful method of waxing available is the Hy-Wax system. The wax is applied thinly and evenly over the skin ensuring that every hair is covered but not overly saturated. This leads to effective hair removal and less skin damage. The unique design of the dispenser head and the high quality of Hy-Wax Tea Tree or Honey Wax ensures perfect waxing results every time.
The Hy-wax system is fast and easy to use and offers real value for money to both the client and the salon
  • Tea Tree Oil antiseptic Wipes are used to prepare the area to be waxed, these will leave the skin clean and free of surface bacteria. 
  • Each client has a new wax dispenser which is individually wrapped and opened in front of the client, after the skin has been prepared for treatment. Always keep the lid from the tube to replace after dispenser is disposed of.
  • The unique dispenser system will ease the application of wax allowing it to be spread thinly and easily, without dragging the skin.
  • Only the wax that is released from the dispenser comes into direct contact with the skin.
  • Large areas can be covered in one application then removed in the normal way with either a paper or fabric strip. This reduces the time taken for waxing and the need to reapply, thus reducing sensitivity.