Australian Bodycare Anti Lice 100ml

Australian Bodycare Anti Lice 100ml

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Only requiring one 15-minute treatment, Anti Lice is free of parabens and insecticides. Ideal for the treatment of lice and their eggs (nits) in children over the age of three.

Highly effective in eradicating head lice and their eggs. Works by suffocating both, lice and their eggs. Effective after just one treatment.

Based on Dimeticon, which encapsulates the lice and their eggs until they die. Anti Lice also contains Tea Tree Oil contributing to a healthy scalp. Anti Lice does not contain any insecticides.

Suitable for people looking for a single treatment which is pesticide and paraben free  and healing based on carefully selected ingredients. This product may be used as frequently as necessary without the lice becoming immune.

1. Comb the hair thoroughly.

2. Use in dry hair.

3. Protect the shoulders with a towel.

4. Shake the bottle thoroughly before use.

5. Carefully press the bottle and divide the product in the hair.

6. Make sure that the product is spread evenly in the hair, so the hair is completely covered by Australian Bodycare Anti Lice.

7. Rub Anti Lice carefully into the hair and scalp with your fingers. Do not use a comb or brush for distribution.

8. Leave Anti Lice in the hair for 15 minutes. The hair must not be covered by a towel or swimming cap.

9. After 15 minutes, the Anti Lice has suffocated the lice and eggs.

10. Wash the product out of your hair. 

IMPORTANT: As Anti Lice is water-resistant, rub shampoo directly into the hair before rinsing with water. We recommend Australian Bodycare Hair Rinse to rinse out the Anti Lice. It may be necessary to wash several times to get the solution completely out of the hair.

11. After washing the hair, comb thoroughly with a tight comb to remove the dead lice

Dimethicone, Tea Tree Oil, Limonene, Geraniol, Linalool.

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