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Blemish Stick

9ml/12x 9ml

Blemish Stick

There is nothing worse than the last minute breakout that appears moments before that big occasion. This easy to use Tea Tree Oil and Witch-hazel formula will quickly reduce the breakout-causing bacteria and diminish redness.

  • 1% Tea Tree Oil
  • Contains Witch-hazel to cool and calm
  • Clear liquid in easy to use rollerball stick
  • Apply directly onto blemish
  • Fights bacteria
  • Helps speed healing of spots and blemishes



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Additional Info

A clear liquid in a ready-to-use roller-ball stick for blemishes. Also contains Polyglyceryl-3-Caprylate  & Caprylyl Glycol these emulsifiers,

react with bacteria on the skin, act as humectants  and as emollients.

Other ingredients are Panthenol which aids healing Hamamelis Virginiana Water – calming, soothing and reduces redness and inflammation

Allantoin to soothe and repair the skin

Salon use: For facial/neck/shoulder massage, leave on skin before mask or moisturiser for maximum benefit

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