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Active Derm Cream


Active Derm Cream



Australian Bodycare SActive Derm Cream - formally the Skin Fold Cream


Contains zinc which helps to calm, soothe and protect irritations, as well as the antimicrobial acid ester to help improve the effects of the cream.


Get relief from red, sore and chaffed skin with help from this Active Derm Cream 

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Isostearyl Isostearate: a 100% naturally derived ingredient with a novel mechanism of hydration.
It works in synergy with the natural skin barrier, altering to significantly improve hydration and protection. Optimizes the water holding potential of the natural skin barrier
Zinc Sulphate a well documented skin healer, helps protect and repair sore, damaged, flaky skin.
Excellent for any folds of skin that rub together and cause irritation

Also good to protect the skin during winter sports
Also contains lactic aid, macadamia and is lanolin, paraben and fragrance free.