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Instructions for use....

1. Hold the Va j-j Visor from the bottom with the grooved handle between your thumb and forefinger. The flat tail should be towards the back and the wider, deeper cup in the front


2. Raise one leg or squat slightly and spread the outer labia with your fingers. Fit the Va j-j Visor gently in place over your inner labia/clitoris and vaginal opening and fold your outer labia over the Va j-j Visor . It’s that easy!







The Va j-j Visor should be comfortable if properly positioned. If it isn’t, gently pull the Va j-j Visor away from your body and try again.
The Va j-j Visor must feel secure prior to application of, waxes, or lotions. Any existing piercings in this area may prevent a secure fit.
To create a more powerful seal, use lubricant (such as KJ Jelly) around the upper inside of the Va j-j Visor. Saliva can also be used in what we like to call the “lick it and stick it” method.
When the treatment is finished dispose of the Va j-j Visor, by placing in the waste basket or recycle bin. DO NOT FLUSH.