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How long can I safely wear the Va j-j Visor?
The Va j-j Visor is intended to be worn for the duration of your hair removal, tanning, body piercing, or tattooing sessions, or while trying on intimate apparel. It should be removed after completion of your session and disposed of properly.
Can I re-use my Va j-j Visor?
NO - For sanitary reasons, each Va j-j Visor is intended for one-time use only. - a new one should be purchased for each occasion where protection is needed.
Does it come in different sizes?
No, approximately 70% of the adult female population are sized generally the same in this area, so our product fits most.
Can I use the Va j-j Visor during my period?
Yes. Having your period will not affect its use.
Can you get the Va j-j Visor in different colors?
Yes! The Va j-j Visor comes in hot pink, lime green and purple.
Is the Va j-j Visor hypoallergenic?
Yes, and it is made of recyclable material.
How do I use the Va j-j Visor?