Jess Kilby, brand ambassador

As winter creeps up and your skin is exposed to cold, wintery conditions it needs extra special care to keep it looking and feeling amazing.

Caring for your skin in winter takes a little more time, thought and effort. As it gets cooler, humidity in the air drops and your skin gets exposed to the elements, such as cold, strong winds and rain, and even sun reflecting off the snow! Then as you venture inside to be welcomed by a blast of dry central heating, it's little wonder that these conditions and temperature extremes can often leave your skin feeling dry, flaky and itchy.

Here are some top tips to get you through the wintertime:

1. Add moisture to your home

Using a cool air humidifier in your bedroom whilst sleeping works really well. Try to put it in the corner of your bedroom, not by the side of your bed. A humidifier make the air a little more moist whilst you are sleeping and this moisture is absorbed into your skin, helping to keep it hydrated and moist.

2. Use a sunscreen in sunny winter days

Just because it cold outside the sun can still affect your skin, so using a good quality SPF throughout the whole year really helps to protect your skin from direct sunlight and the glare from it bouncing off surfaces, such as the snow.

3. Stay hydrated

Increasing water intake will hydrate your skin, so drink plenty of water and moisturise regularly both morning and night. Also, keep showers and baths short if possible as this helps to retain the skin's natural oils and moisture. And when exfoliating, use warm water as hot water can have a detrimental affect on the skin; you could even consider an overnight skin treatment once a week.

I hope these tips help your skin stay in amazing shape this winter, so look below for some product recommendations to help you along the way!