Jess Kilby, Brand Ambassador & Educator Australian Bodycare UK


Jess Kilby Australian Bodycare ambassador


Lets de Fuzz and get holiday ready!! So its two weeks before you hit the beach, waxing appointments are booked, how can I get the maximum out of my pre holiday wax? (I mean we have all been there haven’t we, halfway through the holiday and you start to see hair growth creeping out of your bikini bottoms!)

Here are a few hot tips on how to prepare your skin for maximum benefit of your hair removal before your holiday:

SCRUB A DUB DUB! Get scrubbing girls! No I don’t mean the whole house before you go (is that a thing because I even put new bed sheets on before heading out the airport!?) I mean your body, every little bit of it!! This is so important, it will remove all the dead skin cells, which clog the skin and it will reveal fresh new ones below. This in simple terms allows waxing to lift the hair from the root, preventing hair breakage and this will give you a long lasting, better result. I would also recommend taking your scrub with you and carrying on this process to prevent any ingrowing hairs (nothing worse). Our Australian Bodycare Body scrub is a perfect choice, it has antibacterial benefits, smells so fresh and clean and is a great price.

MOISTURISE! You 100% need to moisturise well on the days leading up to your waxing appointments. Healthy, well moisturised skin is soft and it makes the wax easier to apply and remove for your therapist. Pop some of our Australian Bodycare Body Lotion on after you have used our scrub. This will leave your skin feeling hydrated, glowing and healthy- ready for your treatment. I would also recommend you using this after your treatment to prevent infection and to soothe the area. On the day of your treatment avoid any products on the area. Your therapist will wipe over the area being treated anyway. 

FRESH AND CLEAN! This is my DESERT island product, my can’t live without and an absolute must before and after your waxing treatment. Our Australian Bodycare Skin Wash! It’s amazing. I have tried so many shower gels, I don’t feel clean now unless I use this one. Our skin wash has the highest grade of tea tree, its antibacterial, antiseptic and removes any nasty bacteria on the skin. This will help to prevent any infection after your waxing treatment. It’s also perfect on holiday to remove grease and dirt from you skin after using sun tan lotion.