Jess Kilby, Australian Bodycare Brand Ambassador

Product of the Month

We all should know better, but hands up if you've got a tiny bit burnt over the last few weeks in the sun? I know I have! I'm a firm believer in slapping the sunscreen on, but sometimes I just forget how hot the sun is, underestimate its power and end up with red areas on my skin from over exposure! That's why I just love the new Aloe Vera Gel collection from Australian Bodycare!

Jess Kilby Australian Bodycare Ambassador


This newest addition to the Australian Bodycare Family has become a firm favourite of mine. After I experienced over exposure to the sun, it really helped to soothe and cool my red skin. As a little top tip (you can thank me later!) I popped mine into the fridge before I went out and when I applied it on my return, it was wonderfully cooling and soothing on my skin. Aloe Vera helped to hydrate and calm my skin down while the Australian Tea Tree Oil in this fabulous formulation helped to take the sting out of the redness. I didn't go out planning to get a little too much sun, but this product proved to be a real life saver in this extremely hot weather we're experiencing at the moment! 

Here's how to use the new Aloe Vera gel?

Australian Bodycare's Aloe Vera gel is very pleasant to use, and it's versatile. It's easily applied and can be used to help and resolve number of skin problems including sunburn to reddening of the skin and from insect bites to scratches. Gently apply the Aloe Vera gel directly on the area that's itching, stinging or irritated in any other way. The Aloe Vera gel is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin moisturised, smooth and free of irritation.

Long-lasting and essential to your daily skincare regime, Aloe Vera gel is very economical too. Simply apply a small amount several times a day - as often as necessary. I also recommend that you use the gel at least 1-2 times a day on irritated areas of your skin to get the best result. And to get the absolute best effect, make sure you apply it immediately after sunburn, an insect bite or the appearance or sensation of a skin irritation.

Three amazing varieties - what's not to love?

What I love most about this fantastic new product is that there are three lovely and fragrant varieties! The Mint variant adds an additional, cooling effect and leaves the skin feeling soft and cool. This is just amazing if you have sunburn, or if your skin is itching. The Lemon Myrtle variant is beautifully fragrant with a refreshing citrus scent. This not only adds extra moisture to the skin, it also contains Vitamin C that helps to maintain healthy skin with a beautiful glow. And there's the Tea Tree variant with the invigorating aroma of our signature tea tree oil. What's not to love?

All variants of the Aloe Vera gel contain 100% natural Tea Tree Oil which has a soothing effect on the skin and relieves itching. Tea Tree Oil is also known for being antibacterial, keeping the skin healthy and beautiful.  

Give your skin some much-needed TLC

So, we all need to give our skin much more TLC in the hot weather to protect, heal and nourish it and, in my view, this new collection couldn't be better timed for summer, and beyond. It's so delightful to use and don't forget - it's gender neutral, vegan-friendly, family-friendly and it's effective for all ages, skin types and stages of life! 

Check out Australian Bodycare Aloe Vera Gel today and let us know what you think of it!

See you soon, and have an amazing summer. Jess x