Jess Kilby - Australian Bodycare Brand Ambassador

Home Facial

If you're anything like me, you will absolutely love facials!

A blissful hour of pampering and self-indulgence to just take an hour or so out of the world and enjoy some much needed 'me time'! Sounds like heaven - if only I had the time/childcare/spare cash! Have you got the same feeling? Well don’t worry! Here's the answer - a home facial! It's not quite the same as that luxurious salon experience but it will certainly do! 

Since having my son Hugo, having time for myself has literally gone to almost nothing; even washing my hair is a treat! However, once a month I do try to spend around 30-40 minutes, upstairs in my bathroom (usually before bed) and give myself a deep cleansing facial. And boy it feels good! Not only does my skin feel clean, fresh, and super-soft, I also feel like I’ve had a little treat, my night’s sleep is usually better afterwards and it also gives me some quiet time too!

We all need a little bit of self-care so I’m going to take you through my deep cleansing facial routine and tell you a little about each product and how I use it.

This deep cleaning facial, does as it says - it deep cleanses your skin. Don’t forget that clogged pores block all of the good ingredients that we want to penetrate into our skin. You could spend hundreds, or even thousands of pounds on skincare, but if your pores are blocked, you're wasting your time, and well earned money. A regular deep cleanse will really help to refine your pores and smooth your skin, so that your regular daily skincare regime can do its job even better.


Home facial steps

Remove your eye makeup: The dreaded task of taking your mascara off. Isn’t it boring? But we need to do it so I advise using your usual eye make up remover. I have sensitive eyes, so I use a lovely rose water toner with warm water. Its really soothing after a long day too.

Cleanse: Personally, I have to use something I can feel on my skin, as I want to feel my cleansers are really deep cleaning! For me Australian Bodycare face wash does exactly that. Its mild and effective with pure tea tree oil which is naturally deep cleansing and antibacterial. Not only does it do a great job, its texture that really makes this great for removing make up residue but and deep cleansing the pores. Take a small drop (around a 5p size) mixed with a small amount of warm water in your hands, then rub together and massage all over your face and neck. This emulsifies into a lovely lather. Do this for around 30 seconds and remove with a luke warm flannel. Not too hot! I also like to do this twice.

Tone: If you remember you have to tone after removing anything from your skin then you won’t go wrong! It’s so crucial to use a toner, as it removes any excess cleanser or product and refreshes your skin. It also brightens and prepares your skin for the next stage in your routine. Australian Bodycare face tonic is an alcohol free toner; it will deliver clearer, brighter and calmer looking skin. Pop a little onto some damp cotton pads and gently wipe over your skin to make your product go further! This toner also has an added antioxidant, as well as the tea tree of course.

2-in-1 face mask and exfoliator: I absolutely love a 2-in-1 product. Firstly it speeds things up for you and it's also one less product to buy. One of my absolute favourites is Australian Bodycare's Facemask, which is also an exfoliator! It’s amazing honestly! I try to use this once a week. I will start with the exfoliation process, as this is so important for your skin. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. It will make your skin look brighter by removing all the dirt, grime and dead skin cells that block your pores. It also prepares your skin for the absorption of new product.

The grains in this exfoliator are pumice stone, so it's nice and grainy but not too harsh. There are also added AHA’s which will gently aid the process. Use a small amount (5p size), spread over your face and neck and then go over the area in circular motions for around 3 minutes. I tend to concentrate on areas that I struggle with - mainly around my nice and chin. Because this is also a face mask, leave it on your skin after this for a further 10 minutes to work. The AHA’s will carry on working to remove any dry skin cells as the tea tree and clay absorb any excess oil and dirt from the skin. After 10 minutes, remove with a warm flannel, and don’t forget to tone!

The End..Face cream! Face cream is a staple product that everyone needs. It reduces skin problems, and keeps your skin healthy and comfortable. Finish off your facial with a moisturiser that's going to nourish and comfort your skin like the Australian Bodycare face cream. This  is a wonderful cream that you can use daily, even at night too. The natural active ingredients will soften the skin, reduce pimples and make your skin feel protected. To use, simply massage a pea-sized amount into your face and neck. It smells so fresh and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy in the slightest.

So there you have it - a home facial. Jess x