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Jess Kilby Australian Bidycare Brand Ambassador & Educator

After you have had your waxing treatment, it is important to soothe, protect and care for your skin. Here at Australian Bodycare we are heroes at this as all of our products contain Tea Tree, which is naturally antiseptic. You are perhaps thinking, yeh and? Well here is why using antibacterial products are a must, I also have some other tips and tricks up my sleeve…

Waxing is not only an intimate treatment, but you also have to remember that your therapist is removing your hair from the hair follicle and when using some wax types, the top layer of the skin is removed, leaving the pores open. These pores can get infected with bacteria so it’s absolutely vital you keep your recently waxed area clean.

Firstly as mentioned, using a product with an antibacterial ingredient such as Tea Tree will help keep that bacteria and bay. You could also consider other antibacterial and calming ingredients such as Aloe Vera as well. It is good to use the ingredients in your daily body wash and lotion.

Secondly choose a great aftercare lotion, as we have discussed waxing or any kind of hair removal, can leave your skin feeling delicate, some people have very different pain thresholds so apply a soothing lotion really can help.  After your waxing treatment your therapist will apply afterwax lotion, once home ensure that you follow the same process, Australian Bodycare Body Lotion, is gentle and cooling on the skin, the beneficial properties of tea tree oil, help to calm and soothe the skin, while keepin it clear from bacteria.

And Finally, this one your therapist will thank you for, EXFOLIATE before you wax, its a bit of a mantra here at Australian Bodycare that, you need to exfoliate before any hair removal. Why? Exfoliation removes dead skin cells which clog the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. This allows for treatments, such as waxing, to lift the hair from the root, preventing hair breakage and producing a much better result. A day or two before your waxing tretament, gently buff away dry skin with a body scrub. This will help give the wax a good grip on the hair, and not your skin! Adding our Australian Bodycare Body Scrub into your pre-wax routine will remove dry skin and leave your skin feeling soft and nourished and help stop ingrown hairs. 

 A couple of other key tips after your waxing treatments

Avoid working out right after a wax (great excuse!!) wait at least 24 hours before heading to the gym. 

Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs and baths for 24 hours. When you do shower, opt for a luke warm shower. This will allow your body to work through the sensitivity its experiencing.

Avoid heated areas such as saunas, sunbeds, and steam rooms for 24 hours

Avoid perfumed products, make up and heavy lotions that can block your pores, use your tea tree lotion and wash if possible.

Don’t forget you can avoid experiencing a lot of sensitivity after your waxing treatment if you prepare!

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