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What is a bikini wax?

A bikini wax is a treatment carried out by a qualified professional to remove hair from the pubic region. It can range from just removing hair from outside the knicker line to go even further in and eventually get to the stage where you have all pubic hair removed. This of course is personal preference and completely your decision. 

How long does a bikini wax last?

It's different for everyone but it will last A LOT longer the more regularly you have the treatment. It also depends on how quickly your own hair grows, again this differs for everyone. You can ‘generally’ expect it to last around 4-6 weeks. Regular waxing really does mean that the hair will tend to grow back finer and more sparse.

Does intimate waxing hurt?

Of course, everybody has a different pain threshold. As the saying goes, it will get better as time goes on. Your first intimate waxing treatment will hurt, I wont lie. But I promise it gets easier. The therapist carrying out your treatment will be professional and know different techniques to minimise the pain for you as much as possible. Most of my clients do always say that its not as bad as they anticipated.

How long will the treatment take?

Not too long don’t worry! For a standard bikini expect 25-30 minutes and for a Hollywood or Brazilian 45 minutes maximum. Your therapist will leave enough time within that appointment for a consultation and aftercare advice too.

Brazilian v Hollywood

If you want to feel totally free of hair, then you will opt for the Hollywood treatment. This treatment removes all of your pubic hair while other will prefer to leave a clean strip of hair, this is called a Brazilian. Its also worth mentioning that in both of these treatments, the hair is removed from front to back in between your legs.

 How can I prepare for my intimate wax?

First things first, let your hair grow. Your therapist will need around 10mm of hair to work with and get a good result. If its longer than that, don’t worry your therapist will trim it. I would also recommend exfoliating the night before your treatment and if you can a couple of times before that too. This will remove any dead skin from the area and therefore the hair will be easier to remove.

With the right precautions and preparation, intimate waxing can be a quick, effective and hassle-free addition to your hair removal routine.

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