Jess Kilby Australian Bodycare UK Brand Ambassador & Educator


10 myths about waxing

Waxing can be quite a daunting treatment, especially for first timers. Anxiety defiantly tends to build up out of the lack of knowledge. It also doesn’t help when there are myths circulating, so here are 10 myths that i have heard over the years, with their truths!

  • Myth: you won’t get ingrown hairs if you wax

Truth: waxing poses less risk of ingrown hairs compared to shaving, however no matter how you remove your hair, some people are just prone to getting ingrown hairs. I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to exfoliate before and after waxing.

  • Myth: you cant have a waxing treatment if you are pregnant

Truth: so untrue! You can absolutely still get waxed during pregnancy. Your therapist will work with you to make you as comfortable as possible

  • Myth: you need to grow your hair really long to wax

Truth: the main reason to let hair grow a little before waxing is so that the wax can stick to the hair and can then be removed from the follicle. Whilst it is true you do need some length, you certainly don’t need to grow it long. Your hair needs to be around 1cm. Freshly shaven hair of course is a no no. On the other hand don’t worry if you hair is longer than 1cm, your therapist will trim to the correct length.

  • Myth: you don’t have to exfoliate after waxing

Truth: you should exfoliate before you treatment to remove any dry dead skin cells, this will help your hair be removed from the follicle more easily and you will get a more effective result from you waxing treatment. After your waxing treatment you should also exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs

  • Myth: hair will grow back thicker

Truth: many people assume that regular hair removal will result in thicker and darker hair growing back, this is not true. The more you wax, the finer and more sparser the hair grows back.

  • Myth: waxing really hurts

Truth: waxing is not painful when the treatment is carried out by a professional. At ABC we use a method where the wax is applied a lot thinner than usual and at a higher temperature. This helps to warm the hair follicle making the hair come away a lot faster.

  • Myth: you can have waxing if you are on your period.

Truth: so untrue! You can absolutely have waxing whilst on your period, your period may make you feel a little more sensitive so you may feel the removal slightly more than usual, but all therapists should be confident and happy to wax you whilst on your period.

  • Myth: waxing rips your skin

Truth: this absolutely should not happen. Waxing can cause some minor side effects such as inflammation or redness. But the skin should not be harmed.

  • Myth: you can go into the sun and sunbathe after your waxing treatment.

Truth: no no no! Wait at least 24 hours before exposing your freshly waxed skin to sunlight. The treatment may have made your skin sensitive for a short time.

  • Myth: waxing is messy and sticky and will ruin my clothes after the treatment.

Truth: waxing should be a clean, fast treatment and no excess wax should be left on your skin before you leave the treatment room. We recommend you to wear loose clothing to your treatment as this can also prevent ingrown hairs.

With the right precautions and preparation, waxing can be a quick, effective and hassle-free addition to your hair removal routine.